Butterfly Story

Butterfly Story

Ann-Butterfly loafer was actually our very first design. Before the shoe design, the first came into my mind was just the butterfly. People said the butterfly is one of the most emblematic totem animals symbolizing personal transformation. It reflects the cycles of expansion and growth, as well as the beauty of life’s continuous unfolding. The birth of EMOII came from the eager to the supportive, healthy and comfortable shoes that are not compromising fashion and styles. We are pursuing a revolution and transformation in our footwear history, no more suffering from unhealthy heels, unsupportive soles, no more ugly and bulky. All the footwear should be healthy and beautiful.

The Image of Butterfly

The butterfly shape was inspired from the butterfly gallery of the Auckland museum, I had been looking for a butterfly shape for some time until the Mountain Swallowtail caught my eyes immediately, I could not move my eyes off those giant blue butterflies. On the ship back from Auckland, I got this very first sketch.

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The journey of design and material

I thought about to transform the stunning blue and black shade to the shoes just as is, but hesitate about how well that blue can go with styles and outfits. After numerous play with the colors, finally we locked into a shade of Rose Gold. Pick a perfect Rose Gold from hundreds gold threads were not an easy job. There are definitely more than 50 shades of gold, various levels of gloss.
Also the leather, the hair leather, we compared stacks of hair leather samples, to get the one soft for comfort and with the most realistic hair with the right level of gloss shine.  

Versatile Style. The style designed in a way we can dress up and down. Go to the office with normal black business attire, a pair of flying rose-gold butterfly shoes add elegance to the outfit. Go to a drink with them, nobody will miss that butterfly on your feet… Formal or Casual, any occasions.

fashion loafer, black loafer, orthotic friendly, arch support, comfortable loafer, shoes with butterfly
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