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What shoes your feet will love - Style or Comfort?

We say both.

* Podiatrist approved.
* Lightweight.
* Podiatry shoe that does not look like podiatry shoe.
* Comfortable all day long.

Orthopedic shoes
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Why Emoii exists - Beautiful shoes shouldn’t hurt.

After my first podiatrist’s appointment, I was told that I could no longer wear the shoes I loved. I love my shoes, but I also grew to hate them. I really wanted to wear them, but my feet just couldn’t take them anymore. Wherever I went, I always had to carry another pair of shoes just for walking. The last thing I wanted to do was to wear the “healthy shoes” my podiatrist recommended.

Why do we have to sacrifice Style for Comfort?

After years of researching and designing, I’ve learned that comfortable shoes can also be stylish, yet no one was making them. This is why we created Emoii.

How To Choose The Right Shoes -- What Is Your Foot Shape?

Everyone has a different foot shape, Roman, Egyptian or Greek. Different foot shape has its own characteristics, thus requires different shoe shapes. Here are the things you need to consider when buying shoes. Please check out what is your foot shape and what shoes are best suitable for you foot shape.