EMOII Technology

One of the most critical elements that make shoes comfortable and healthy is footbed. EMOII footbed leveraging the leading technologies in foot and body movements, and guided by professional orthotics makers. Our footbeds are bio-mechanically contoured that provides comfortable support to your everyday life.

We are collaborating with leading industry partners continuously experimenting new technologies and materials, dedicated to provide the most comfort, and supportive shoes to our customers.

EMOII footbed is designed to meet the foot profiles of most of the people in terms of arch height, arch position, underfoot cushions. Our footbeds features mid-sole arch support at a comfortable level and a heel cup helps stabilise your heel. At EMOII, all our shoes either have built-in bio-mechanically contoured footbeds like our adjustable sandals, or, have removable orthotic footbeds that come with honeycomb gel cushions under the forefoot and under the heel to maximise your comfort level. 

Most of EMOII shoes featuring a hidden depth that could accommodate our contoured footbed or your custom made orthotics insoles. All the EMOII closed shoes are Orthotics Friendly shoes featuring removable footbed that you can replace them with your custom made orthotics insoles.


At EMOII, we want to provide the best to our customers. We select the best material and working hard to meet both the functional and aesthetic requirements. Our team working closely with our shoe makers to make sure our shoes are fashionable, chic, trendy, versatile, attractive and at the same time, soft, light, breathable, durable, minimal break-in time, eco-friendly…

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