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Fitting Advice and Guide to the EMOII Fitting Pack


Emoii fitting guide - removable insole, arch support, comfy orthotic footbed, complementary fitting kit


Most of EMOII styles are comfortable fitting, either with a wide toe-box, or adjustable front straps, so your can stretch out your toes comfortably.

We understand that every foot is different, even within the same size range. EMOII provide a complimentary fitting pack for all our enclosed shoes that featuring a removable footbed. 

Fitting Pack Instructions

The shoes are a bit too tight?  -  try to swap the default EMOII footbeds with the thin footbeds in the fitting pack. 

Feel a bit loose at the front? - place the forefoot inserts UNDER the footbeds to make the best fit. You can cut the forefoot inserts to fit your size and your requirements. 

Like the shoes a bit more snug? - insert the 3/4 foot inserts UNDER the footbeds. 

You can mix and match the inserts to best meet your foot requirements. Or, drop us an email if you still have problems at We will help out at our best efforts.