About Emoii

Comfortable loafer with arch support, orthotics friendly

 As the female lead of a small start-up business, I have been asked many times in the past 12 months about the reasons for starting this business and the story behind EMOII. The business has really evolved from my very own pain and my own needs.

About three years ago, I had some serious back/knee and foot issues: a disc was pinching the nerves in my lower back, I had bunions on my feet, and ankle/feet pain all the time. So I started my journey with physio and podiatry. 
When my physio and podiatrist asked me to change my footwear, to move away from heels and unsupportive shoes, my world turned upside down. I’m in my 40’s, I love fashion, and always style myself thoughtfully.  I had lived on stilettos for 20+ years (I love heels because I am only 158cm ☺ ).

I shopped around for comfortable office shoes that would go well with my stylish suits, my sexy smoke trousers, my pencil skirts, and that also had proper arch support.  Shoes that were not bulky, not heavy, not clunky, not stiff, and come with at least a tiny bit of a sense of fashion… I failed, terribly.  I looked at my wardrobe, and my collection of the beautiful heels, and I felt devastated.

I painfully realised that my life had entered another stage. My body had changed with pregnancy, kids, and age. My feet and my back also changed from being able to endure 12 hours long in the 8-inch-high heel shoes. I now needed something supportive, healthy, and comfortable. But I wasn’t is no ready to give up fashion and styleI want to stay fashionable and stylish until my very last day, but what am I going to do about the shoes! Such an important element! And I’m only in my 40’s!

My cobbler, who is also an experienced bespoke orthotic shoe maker, told me that you can’t make dress shoes as comfortable as casual shoes. I doubtedI was not convinced. I believed there had to be a way to make dress shoes comfortable and healthy; as comfortable and as healthy as any casual shoes, maybe even sports shoes. That’s where the EMOII’s dream started

I believe a love of beauty can live with ageing; our love for ourselves doesn’t fade away with age. Beautiful shoes should not hurt; feet problems should not force anyone to compromise on elegance. Therefore, we (myself and two of my besties) came up with “EMOII” footwear; in ancient Greek Emoii means “For Me”.  

We investigated, researched, unpacked, and compared many well know orthotic shoes in the market.  We prototyped different designs for more than 18 months to get our first product right.

We want to say thanks for all the help and support we received from the podiatrists, orthotic makers, physiotherapists and all the shoe makers. It won’t have been possible without your support and help.

At EMOII, we believe that aging is not a barrier to fashion and style, people should never again need to choose between being 'comfortable/healthy' and having 'style/fashion'. We devote ourselves to designing and providing super comfortable shoes, approved by podiatrists, in various classic or trendy styles.  The shoes make you and your feet smile.