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About Emoii


We are 3 mothers Daisy, Jessica and Pauline, who are passionate for our families, and believe beauty and support can co-exist. We all loved those pointed sexy stereo heels during our early days. But life became a bit different with pregnancy, kids, and age. our feet, our back also changed from being able to endure the 12 hours long in the 8-inch-high heel shoes. We need something supportive, healthy, comfortable, and also fashion, trendy, modern, chic...

We believe beautiful mindset abides with ageing; our love for ourselves doesn’t fade away with ageing. Beautiful shoes should not hurt, feet problems should not compromise the elegance. Therefore, we came up with “EMOII” footwear, in ancient Greek means “For Me”.  

We believe, you will find the style from the range of “EMOII” that defines who you are, which also provide the support and comfort for your beautiful feet. We look forward to serving you “EMOII”, the quality beautiful footwear, which accompanies you in every occasion.

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