Let's Talk About Comfort Shoe Brands - Week 1 NAOT

Let's Talk About Comfort Shoe Brands - Week 1 NAOT

A very common question to podiatrist probably is: what kind of shoes I should wear; which shoe brand should I buy? I asked exactly the same question when my podiatrist told me to change my footwear.

I will share with you several top comfort/orthotic friendly shoe brands over the next seven weeks, their story, history, and product features. To be honest, I did not know more than half of them before I have my foot problems although some of them are well known to a wide public.

This week, I am going to tell you something about NAOT.

(Source from Naot.com)

NAOT is a very well-known Israeli ‘comfort shoe’ brand – when I say ‘comfort shoe’, it means the special category of shoes: it is different to general sneakers, runners, sports shoes although they sneakers, runners, sports shoes are quite comfortable lots of times. 

NAOT was opened in 1942 when the members of a small collective farming community in Israel’s Hula Valley began making shoes in a one-room workshop on Kibbutz NAOT Mordechai. It started out as a small factory producing simple work boots and sandals.

In 1988, due to the serious economic situation, the factory nearly shut down due to the serious economic situation. Then Ami Bar-Nahor, as a consultant, came up with the idea of modernizing both the product and production to attract the new health-conscious shoe consumer. This idea ultimately saved the shoe factory. They aimed at a sort of Israelization of Birkenstock. They added new colors (traditional sandals are mainly in beige, brown and black) and interest to the old style sandals. Since then the company has grown to become a world leading manufacturer of comfort based shoes.

NAOT used a flexible footbed of cork, natural rubber or leather. Footbeds can be replaced by your own custom orthotic insoles, or by standard replacements for worn ones. Adjustable leather straps allowed for swelling of the feet.

NAOT Footbed (sourced from Naot.com)

The NAOT footpad possesses a supportive anatomical structure that encourages a natural and correct posture. The innersole adjusts to the foot like a footprint in the sand. It is flexible, soft, shock absorbent supports the heel and alleviates tiredness and pain.

For those who need to wear their orthotics at all times, a wide selection of the NAOT styles feature a removable innersole. Yes, most of NAOT shoes are Orthotics friendly. NAOT website also says that many people find they do not need orthotics when wearing NAOT shoes and sandals, as the NAOT footbed provides correct postural support with much greater comfort than some hard orthotics.

The NAOT footpad is particularly wide so your feet can be relaxed. The flexible, shock-absorbent sole enables the foot to move gently and continuously.

Personally, I found the quality of NATO shoes are very reliable, Fine leather, very durable and flexible soles. Their designs are very thoughtful where almost all the straps are adjustable. 

NAOT sells both online and in stores. You can google for the stores or websites in your area.








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