Stop Play with Your Smart Phone, Play with Your Smart Bags and Smart Shoes!

Stop Play with Your Smart Phone, Play with Your Smart Bags and Smart Shoes!

Technology changed our lives dramatically in the last two decades. Internet, smartphone, Artificial Intelligence… Digital technology permeates every area of our personal and business lives, it is the same as the Fashion world.

In the recent Louis Vuitton Resort 2020 show, a handful of innovative handbags grabbed lots of eyeballs. Among all of them, I think the most impressive ones are the ones that have functional canvas video screens on their sides (ref. This ‘ Canvas of the Future’ handbags used the flexible OLED screens on their classic Speedy and Duffle bags. The bag can connect to your smartphone through Wi-Fi, and of course, you can show whatever you like on your bag. Isn’t that cool! You don’t need TV anymore, you just need a bag, hahahaa… Moreover, they are touch screens, if you think your mobile screen is too small, you can hold your bag and swipe… Can’t help myself laugh though.

Similar technology has also been used on a new generation sneaker – ShiftWear. Shiftwear shoes launched on Indiegogo in 2016 to produce a pair of smart shoes with flexible LCD screens that allow for infinite, digital customization. The company claim that their sneaker is waterproof and machine-washable. The shoes have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

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I just could not stop my mind… keep thinking about how good this technology is. As a mother of two, when we go out I normally take kids iPad with us to keep them entertained when needed. In the future, I don’t need them anymore, it comes with the handbag!!! Or I just take off my sneakers and throw to my kids when needed!!! I struggled to justify to myself why should I invest heavily in a Louis Vuitton bag, now I can, it is a bag, a TV, an Ipad, Phone – all in one!!! 

I also got so many questions in my mind apart from the potential benefits:

  • Are they water-proof?
  • When the screen is broken or smashed, do I get repairing from a handbag shop or a phone shoes, or what kind of shop…
  • Should I get a screen protector?
  • How often I need to charge the bag/shoe? How the screen looks like if run out of battery? – Just like a TV not turning on?
  • The shoe company or the handbag company will provide technical support? Or Helpline?

Many questions to be asked… But, very tempting goodies…





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